The spice plantation in Wayanad is one of the major spice plantations in Kerala. The spice pla

ntations in Kerala are captivating farms to wander in, since different spices are cultivated in different sections of each plantation.
The spice plantation in Wayanad is a prime attraction of this picturesque land. The sprawling plantations of coffee, tea, cardamom, pepper and rubber make Wayanad a place worth visit while on a tour to Kerala.

You can go for nature walks, bird watching treks, taste the various spices and breathe in the fragrant air while exploring the spice plantation in Wayanad. Pick up a few packets of the tea and spices grown here that make for a good buy. The spice plantation in Wayanad is the main stay of the economy. There are various kinds of spices cultivated in Wayanad. Coffee, tea, cocoa, pepper, ginger and vanilla are the main cash crops of the region. Coffee-based farming system is a noteworthy feature of Wayanad. Coffee is grown both as pure crop and as a mixed crop along with pepper. ‘Wayanadan Pepper’ - The black pepper produced here is renowned in the world of spices because of its unique quality and aroma.

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Sughandhagiri Cardamom project, Vythiri and Priyadarsini Tea Estates at Mananthavadi are experimental projects managed by the Government for the rehabilitation of tribals.

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